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"We require nothing but ourselves - no props, no ostentatious costumes - It is merely the two of us. Two bodies, entwined with seemingly boundless potential."

A symbiosis of two bodies unfolds as Anna and Saleh discover a novel interpretation of hand-to-hand acrobatics, transcending the traditional art form to a realm of its own. Defying conventional gender roles, it is Anna who carries her partner, Saleh, and forms the resolute foundation for his handstands. The duos performances narrate dynamic tales of duality, where opposing forces harmoniously converge and blur the lines of their limits. Through innovative tricks and graceful movements, Anna and Saleh consistently manage to create extraordinary visuals and moments of pure harmony, leaving their audience in awe.

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Anna & Saleh at 41. Cirque De Demain festival

"...a rarely seen emancipation."

— PZ News

"The highlight without a doubt is the duet of Anna and Saleh. Gender stereotypes are simply brushed away when the acrobat celebrates her strength, and the intense, almost fragile interaction among the artists makes the air crackle with excitement."

— Kulturjoker

"An impressive hand-to-hand acrobatic performance, while she also fires up the audience all on her own with her captivating Voguing right before. Followed by enthusiastic applause and cheers."

— Berliner Morgenpost

"An atypical combination, as Anna serves as the base for Saleh's handstands, not the other way around as it is customary in acrobatic duos. Androgynous, elegantly intimate ground acrobatics..."

— Tagesspiegel

"An acrobatic show accompanied by 'Bravo' cheers..."

— Tagesspiegel

"Fantastically artistic. You have to see and feel it again!"

— rbb Kultur

"We've performed together in over 600 shows, and their commitment, professionalism, ease, and quality just gets brighter and brighter! Both are outrageously beautiful, technical, creative, and artisticly versatile, and fill me with confidence as a host."

— Jack Woodhead

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Anna & Saleh duo acrobatics
Act from the show "In_Between" by Circo Aereo (Maksim Komaro)
"I know this isn't about me"

About the Duo

Anna and Saleh first met in 2011 at the State School of Circus Arts in Berlin and decided to join forces together and train and work as a duo four years later. Eventually, they completed their training, with Anna specializing in solo dance trapeze and Saleh in solo handstand on the rocking horse, along with their duo acrobatics. Since then, they have been performing on various stages, from Europe's grand variety theaters to luxury cruise ships, museums, and even the prestigious Biennale in Venice.
Their talent has earned them various awards, with one of the highlights being the Prix Moulin Rouge they received at the 41st Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain in 2020, in recognition of their outstanding duo performance. No matter where they perform, Anna and Saleh never fail to captivate the audience with their unique acrobatic creations and artistic vision.

With their versatile skill set, Anna and Saleh are open to exciting new projects that can leverage their talents. They are also happy to share their knowledge through workshops and private classes, adding value to the artistic community.



Anna & Saleh
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